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Anoint has created four specific ways of journeying in dying and grieving:

“I took a class from Nancy about how to use herbs and anointing oils with someone near the end of life and found it very helpful. I am between two lives: my father passed away less than two years ago and my mother is in poor health. I learned some things from Nancy that have helped me be with Mom in ways that make Mom more comfortable and make me feel more connect with her. I am deeply grateful to Nancy for this.”

— Maureen Maxwell, Student

Please refer to each Anoint product's ingredients and descriptions, and their “how to use” information. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Salts, sprays, salves, body butter, and anointing oils are used for topical use only. If you have any questions regarding usage, or ingredients, please call 303-601-6430 or email

To schedule a free in-service for your company on how to use products for your staff, your patients, or your families at an assisted living facility, nursing home, hospice, or palliative care program, please contact us. Times can vary to suit the need.

To schedule a visit to meet with clergy/spiritual care team for supporting end of life journeys in your congregation, please contact us. Times can vary to suit the need, including evening options.